Spotify vs Google Music

Spotify vs Google Music – Which one is best to subscribe ?

Music has helped people establish certain mental agitation, emotions, whether happy, calm, cohesive, angry, scared, etc. It allows people to amazingly explore numerous emotions. Music has advanced and enriched creativity of people. It helps people to escape reality. One listen to music when we are low, happy, and often play it in parties and dance with the rhythms of music. In todays tech-driven world, there are many applications present online which provides a huge collection of music. Such two famous music portals are Spotify and google music which are quite popular around the world and are available across leading platforms across an internet. The best medium for listening music are these two. In this article we will discuss about these two popular portals dominating the music industry worldwide.

Spotify vs Google Music

Spotify vs Google Music


This music portal was launched in the year 2013 and currently it contains about 40 million music. Moreover, users can even upload their own music. The range of uploading can be up to 50,000. One can easily access google play music for free. There are options of paid services to where users can browse and listen high quality music without any ads. Google music comes with different plans and also provides users with a free trial. Individual plans costs 9.99$ whereas family plan costs 14.99$. It also provides users with free two month trial with many cool features.

Limitations of google play music:

  • This music platform is unavailable in many countries and regions.
  • Price is comparatively higher than other music platforms on the internet.
  • There is no feature of music lyrics.
  • Music quality is generally low in trial account, i.e. around 160kbps.


This music portal was launched in the year 2008. This platform currently has 35 million songs in its database.. Spotify enables users to listen music through device syncing. A single Spotify premium apk account cost around 9.99$. Spotify is currently more popular than apple music and google play music. This portal comes with attractive features like- it provides 50% discount to students. Paid services of Spotify do not contain any ads or popups and can support up to three authorized devices easily. Spotify has around 100 million active users till now. This portal supports various platforms like X-Box, play station 3, Android, Linux, Ios, Microsoft windows devices, Samsung smart tv’s etc. Spotify has user friendly interface and provides 30 days free trial to the new users. The music quality is quite good having 320kbps quality.

Limitations of Spotify music:

  • Free plan of Spotify has lots of limitations like with only free account, users can just shuffle songs in mobile apps.
  • Free subscription has low music quality, mostly lower than 160kbps.
  • Users cannot download songs in trial account as as well as in premium paid accounts. This is a huge drawback and turns mood of people off.

Although both these music platforms had attained worldwide popularity, one must look at their pros and cons before purchasing their paid services. It is necessary to compare them.

Spotify vs Apple Music

Spotify vs Apple Music – Which is the Best Music Service ?

Music is a form of art which provides relaxation to human mind. Music improves our mind and makes it more innovative as well as creative. Music is a form of entertainment and quite famous in the 21st century. As the technology has developed with greater pace, music quality has developed and has become more enriched. There are many free and paid music platforms present online which helps users provide many cool features and services. Such two famous online music platforms are Spotify and apple play music. They are both popular worldwide and offers lots of astonishing features.

Spotify vs Apple Music

Spotify vs Apple Music


Apple music is a popular music streaming service and offers lots of amazing features to the users. Apple has done an amazing job in recent years, it has updated its music database with around 40 million songs. Music of any genre can be browsed or listened here. There are cool features of radio stations, beat selections. One can even shuffle variations of music present in the library. One can even share the playlist with friends and family. Users get an advantage of free 3 month trial and paid membership just for 9.99$ per month.  Another innovative feature is, users can give commands to Siri to play music. The Apple music account can be shared up to 6 people.

Limitations of Apple Music

  • The interface is not intuitive, It lacks a user friendly interface.
  • Apple music is unavailable in many countries.
  • One needs an Apple device to run apple music platform which is the biggest drawback user faces. It would not be able to work on other platforms like Android, desktop, windows phones, x box, play stations etc.
  • Less updates of apple music for old apple devices.


Spotify is a popular music platform and has gained worldwide good reputation. When people talk about music platforms, Spotify would be the first or second preference. This innovative music platform was launched in the year 2008 and so far it has gained a lot of popularity. It offers free and paid memberships which users can enjoy without any hassle but for this you need to download Spotify premium apk in your device. One can create own playlist, discover new music, share music with friends and family. One can listen to music offline without any pop up ads. One can use Spotify in different devices such as Android, desktop, iPhones, etc. Everything is in an organized manner. The music library is updated regularly with good quality of music. One can even enjoy different radio stations, playlists shared by friends, families, etc. Spotify indeed has a user friendly interface. This portal supports various platforms like X-Box, play station 3, Android, Linux, Ios, Microsoft windows devices, Samsung smart tv’s etc.

Limitations of Spotify

  • Spotify no longer supports own lyrics features which is an disappointing news for music lovers.
  • This service is available only in limited countries
  • Free version of Spotify contains popups and contain bad quality of music.

Both these platforms are popular worldwide and have many pros as well as cons. Therefore, one needs to look for their features and compare them before buying paid membership.